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Press for Sour Peach Films

Dyking Out: Growing Up Baptist

Filmmaker Chelsea Moore (Sour Peach Films) came by to dyke out about her Southern Baptist upbringing in Tennessee, which included being home schooled. We learn about Chelsea’s early impressions of homosexuality, and how her religion’s teachings conflicted with her own experiences, as well as how it’s shaped the films she makes today. 

Dyking Out: Lesbian Love Scenes

Talented Director/Writer/Producer Erica Rose (Sour Peach FilmsGirl Talk) helps break down the dos and donts of a lesbian love scene, as we talk about the good, the bad, and the spit.

The Female Gaze

Erica Rose and Chelsea Moore of Sour Peach Films join TFG this week to explain why they felt compelled to start a company that authentically tells "otherized" stories like their new film "Girl Talk" - and what films like "Blue is the Warmest Color" get completely wrong.


Girl Talk: DIVA meet the fierce femmes behind Sour Peach Films. US S-based filmmakers Erica Rose and Chelsea Moore are the two women behind brilliant lez/bi short, Girl Talk.

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This Incredible Woman Wants to Help Everyone Find Sexual Fulfillment.

The Sewers of Paris: Taking Back Queer Femme Sexuality

The guests on this bonus episode are Erica Rose and Chelsea Moore, who talk about Sylvia Plath, The L Word, and the Well of Loneliness. Erica and Chelsea are a New York filmmaking team who push the boundaries of queer sex and sexuality on screen.

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Talking “Girl Talk,” the New Lesbian Short Pushing the Boundaries of Queer Cinema

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NewFest LGBT Film Festival always brings the best and brightest of queer cinema to the Big Apple, and this year, the festival’s 30th iteration, is no exception. Read on for our editors’ picks of films you won’t want to miss at NewFest 2018.

Erica Rose's new short film takes a look at casual relationships, and the differences between romantic and physical connections.


Sour Peach Film's short narrative film Girl Talk receives its New York premiere at Newfest: New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival 2018.

Big Gay Picture Show

Girl Talk is undoubtedly one of the most fully fleshed-out and realised films at the festival. With great acting, a smart and layered script, as well as confident direction, Girl Talk takes some interesting ideas and runs with them. 

Film Inquiry

Erica Rose and Chelsea Moore are the team behind Sour Peach Films. Together they are aiming to bring more queer stories to screen, and provide an opportunity for female experiences and sexuality to be voiced honestly.

Quail Bell Magazine

In this interview, I spoke with Erica Rose and Chelsea Moore. Erica Rose wrote and directed this film while Chelsea Moore was the producer. 

Fest Works

One of a couple short films that struck me in a major way at this year’s aGLIFF (All Genders, Lifestyles, and Identities Film Festival) in Austin, Erica Rose’s GIRL TALK is a look at how one young woman navigates her way through her world and her relationships, sexually and emotionally. 

Rhidixon Blog

An unapologetic, fantastic film.

Broadway World

Sour Peach Films' GIRL TALK to Receive New York Premiere

The F Word

There are some incredible shorts from women directors, including Erica Rose’s Girl Talk, exploring connection and intimacy in Brooklyn’s queer femme community


Sour Peach Film's short narrative film Girl Talk receives its New York premiere at Newfest: New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival 2018.

The Lesbian Story Project

Erica Rose, film producer/director, shares her experience creating the queer fem short film, Girl Talk.  The autobiographical film shares the struggle dealing with intimacy on a physical and emotional level. 

On Her Terms

Erica Rose is a KICKASS queer feminist filmmaker, who writes and directs her own shorts in addition to freelance assisting and producing. She began her career as a Director's Assistant and in just a few years, worked her way up to Associate Producer of the Netflix documentary "The Center Will Not Hold."

The Advocate

To curate a list of escapist fare, The Advocate asked the filmmakers of the Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival for recommendations on movies that give them laughter, hope, and joy. 

We Are Moving Stories

Outfest / HollyShorts 2018 - Girl Talk.
Interview with Writer/Director, Erica Rose.

Kallmeyer New York

Kallmeyer New York will be the featured wardrobe in Erica Rose and Chelsea Moore's upcoming short, Girl Talk...but for all the women involved in the project, working together and supporting one another is about much more...

Women and Hollywood

For this round of crowdfunding picks, we’re looking at shorts centered on the struggle to survive, define ourselves, and push past the stereotypes that prevent us from empathizing with others. First up is “Girl Talk,” Erica Rose’s film about a young woman navigating queer culture. 

Indie Mag

River Gallo is the first out intersex person to write and star in a narrative film. Not only this, but the whole team behind its production is compromised of female, LGBTQIA people and artists of color

Diva Mag

With an intoxicatingly trashy yet marvelously kitschy aesthetic, Ponyboi is a queer film which puts the intersex community at the forefront, both within the world of the film's characters, and behind the scenes.

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